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New digital vacuum and pressure switches with two-colour display

These new devices with two-colour display are enclosed within a robust ABS container. They are carefully calibrated and at compensated temperature, ensuring high-precision measurement values.

Detected values are viewed on the main two-colour (red and green) display and programmable by the user to set different conditions. Setting values are easily viewable on a secondary display within the command panel. Two luminous indicators pertaining to outlets 1 and 2 indicate the switching status of both digital and the analogue output signals. The switching outputs are completely independent.

The switching points within the scale values, including hysteresis, are easily programmable via the buttons located on the control panel. Additional functions are also programmable, such as comparison between two values, NO and NC contacts, choice of measurement unit, programmed value and function blocking, etc.

The connection to the vacuum may be established by means of a male G 1/8” or female M5 double threading connection.
It is possible to establish an electric connection by means of a removable, rapid installation data cable, supplied as standard.

Digital vacuum and pressure switches are suitable for measuring and controlling dry air and noncorrosive gases. They are recommended in all cases where maximum and minimum value signalling is required and set for safety reasons, in order to start a work cycle, control suction cup grip, and so on. With the hysteresis function, it is also possible to manage compressed air supply to vacuum generators, enabling considerable energy savings.

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