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News! Electrical equipment for vacuum tests ATC01

This device has been made mainly to test the air-tightness of compostable capsules, although it is possible to test any kind of material that can be placed inside equipment.
The principle of operation is based on the detection of capsule deformations, under the direct action of the vacuum.
When placed inside a bell jar, the capsule tends to deform, because of the pressure differential created between the air at atmospheric pressure contained inside the capsule and the vacuum created inside the bell jar. The higher the level of vacuum reached in the bell jar, the greater the thrust the air contained in the wrapping will exert on the walls and, therefore, on the welds.
During the test, the vacuum generator creates a vacuum inside the bell jar, which is then maintained for a pre-established time.
Laser sensors inside the bell jar then detect even the slightest capsule deformations.
Once the pre-set time is over, test results are shown by led lights positioned on the base plate and 7” touch screen panel.
Thanks to the intuitive menu, all typical test parameters can be viewed and modified.
Moreover, the USB2 socket at the back of the device makes the remote transmission of test data possible.

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