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Special PH and P2H suction plates for OCTOPUS systems

The special suction plates PH and P2H can be installed on OCTOPUS systems to replace the PX and P2X plates.
They are made of anodised aluminium sheets with holes equidistant from each other and coated with a special sponge rubber, microperforated at the holes in the aluminium sheet, in two different thicknesses: 15 mm for PH suction plates and 30 mm for P2H plates.
The use of calibrated holes makes it possible to calculate the flow rate of the vacuum generator to be installed on the OCTOPUS SYSTEM, to ensure that, even in the presence of losses due to transpiration or the absence of some objects to be picked up, there is always a minimum vacuum value, sufficient to grip even the few remaining containers.
The use of these suction plates is recommended for gripping and handling empty cans, tins, vials and jars made of various materials and without lids or caps.
The lifting force of the container will be directly proportional to the degree of vacuum generated on the surface of the mouth of the can or vial to be picked up.
Note: These plates are not suitable for picking up empty plastic or glass water and wine bottles.
All flexible containers must be previously vacuum tested to avoid the risk of implosion.

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