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Maxigrip Cups

[high friction coefficient for a firm and secure grip]

Designed as an alternative to the more common cups used in the robot-automotive sector, they can offer excellent solutions to gripping and handling problems presented by the relative devices in all industry sectors.
They are available round or oval, flat or bellow-shaped and come complete with a support.
Since the external lip is extremely flexible, the cup can grip onto flat, concave and convex surfaces, without deforming or breaking the objects being gripped, including the thinnest of objects.
An innovative design of the cup’s internal supporting surface guarantees a high friction coefficient with the gripping surface and a particular grip on very oily sheet metal or wet sheets of glass and marble. This is thanks to the facilitated oil and water draining process and this feature leads to the cup’s firm and secure grip, guaranteeing very precise positioning of the load that is to be handled.
The standard MAXIGRIP CUPS are manufactured with our exclusive “BENZ” mixture, which has the following characteristics:
• 60 ÷ 75 Shore Hardness Degrees
• Operating temperature range:
- 40 to +130 ℃
• Non-marking
• Excellent resistance to abrasion, water and deep-drawing oils containing chlorine.
Their fastening support is made of galvanised steel and vulcanised into the cups;
a wide range of accessories such as reducers, couplings, adaptors and articulated joints facilitate their installation on any vacuum handling device.
Given their universal use, MAXIGRIP CUPS can be supplied in all Vuototecnica mixtures, upon request.

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