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Octopus gripping bars now even lighter!

Anthropomorphic robots and palletising systems manufacturers require increasingly flexible vacuum gripping systems.

Vuototecnica meets this requirement of extreme lightness with the new OCTOPUS gripping bars made of polizene, a plastic material that reduces the overall weight by 40% compared to the traditional aluminium ones.

In this new solution, the base box and fastening plate are made of polizene, while the suction plate is made of aluminium, either in the microperforated version or equipped with shut-off valves.

The new Octopus polizene gripping bars maintain all the strong points of traditional aluminium bars and are based on the same operating principle.

Thanks to their extreme flexibility, Octopus vacuum gripping bars can operate correctly either vertically, horizontally, tilted or upside down to the gripping surface and allow gripping objects of any shape or size, provided that they do not have an excessive transpiration, without having to change or replace vacuum cups, even when their surface occupies only 5 ÷ 10 % of the entire suction plate.

For further information, please contact Vuototecnica Technical Department.

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