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A Leader in Vacuum Control

There are situations in which the use of an instrument able to provide an accurate signal once a certain vacuum level has been reached is recommended for safety purposes; such situations include the starting of a work cycle, or checking the grip of suction cups, etc.

Vuototecnica designs and manufactures several vacuum measurement and regulation systems. Among these are micro digital vacuum switches that are able to provide a very accurate digital signal at the maximum measurement value set. Its moderate dimensions are especially suitable for installations near suctions or where the vacuum distribution is confined to very limited spaces.

AVG series vacuum generators, designed specifically for the automotive sector, are already set for micro vacuum switch installation when supplied.

The digital micro vacuum switches supplied by Vuototecnica have a commutation point, included within the scale value that is easily programmable using an adjustment screw located on the upper side of the device; a red LED near the screw indicates the commutation status of the digital output signal.

The pressure differential (hysteresis) between the set maximum value and the reset value of the rest signal, is equal to 2% of set value and cannot be adjusted.

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