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Ball joint couplings with GSL axial vacuum connection

This series of couplings was designed to be installed on suckers with support, especially those that are flat or that have little lip, in order to allow them to easily adapt to the gripping surface of the load to be picked up, even if not perfectly parallel to the plane of the sucker itself or to compensate for any perpendicularity errors that often occur between the sucker holder and the fixing support of the automated device.
The vacuum connection is axial and the hold is guaranteed by a special seal, always in contact with the ball joint.
The sucker installed on them is free to rotate 360° degrees on its axis and to tilt up to 15°.
The joints are made entirely of brass, with the exception of the ball pivot, which is made of stainless steel.
They can be fastened to the sucker using either the female or male threaded connection.

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