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Traditionally innovative: the new Bernoulli vacuum cups

Vuototecnica research has led to the creation of a new range of vacuum cups based on Bernoulli’s principle.
These new vacuum cups are ideal for handling, without any contact, fragile, uneven or microperforated objects, such as semiconductor platelets, silicon disks, solar cells, precious metal plates, films and whatever else needs to be handled with extreme care.
They are made of anodised aluminium with a stainless steel disc.
The antistatic silicone spacers located on the vacuum cup gripping surface prevent transverse movements of the object to be handled.
Compressed air supply connections can be either axial or radial and the quick coupler for the external hose with a diameter of 4mm is included in the package. Unused holes are closed with brass threaded plugs. 3 or 4 threaded holes on the rear of the vacuum cup allow fastening them to the machine.

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