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VUOTOTECNICA®, the Company

Thanks to its uniquely articulated know-how, maturated in over 35 years of activity side by side its customers and deriving from a great passion for vacuum passed on from father to son, today Vuototecnica®, as its second generation, is leader in Europe in technologies for creating and handling vacuum.

Collaboration with other leading companies and its wide case history have led Vuototecnica® to make the continuous improvement its guiding principle.

This is why concepts such as "quality", "tailor-made" and "versatility" are considered as a big part of the company culture.

Vuototecnica® with its problem-solving approach represents a firm point of reference for its customers, acting as a true engineering partner providing not only high quality products, but also a wide range of ideas and solutions to optimise production processes in many application fields.

With a comprehensive range of vacuum components like suction cups, vacuum pumps, vacuum generators, pneumatic pumpsets and a very talented team, Vuototecnica® can deliver the best solution for your needs. Challenge us!

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Vuototecnica U.S.A. distribution network required