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Two bellow suction cups for heavy-duty packaging

Two bellow suction cups for heavy-duty packaging

Vuototecnica has devised the all new two bellow suction cups for the handling of especially heavy cardboard boxes and packaging in the packaging sector.

These suction cups are able to compensate for the gripping height with a greater recovery of the unevenness of the load to be lifted and, at the same time, ensure good seal and stability.

The thick, robust suction cup lip has been studied with the suction ducts to ensure that it adapts perfectly to the object to be gripped, even when the latter is not perfectly perpendicular to the axis of the suction cup, and is able to absorb tears and sudden accelerations, typical of robotised movements.

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Bellow suction cups for flowpack packaging gripping

Bellow suction cups for flowpack packaging gripping

Created from experience, Vuototecnica welcomes the new increased performance bellows suction cups 01 30 45 S.

Especially suitable for installation on automatic, high production machines in the packaging sector, equipped with a grip lip designed to be extremely flexible, able to adapt to the upturn on plastic flowpack packaging.

Furthermore, suction cup gripping is carried out with a lower volumetric suction flow from the vacuum source, with resulting energy savings for the end user.

The anodized aluminium male or female threaded 1/4” gas suction cup support for fastening ensures the proper suction flow rate to the suction cup.

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Flat and bellow elliptical suction cups with relative supports

Flat and bellow elliptical suction cups with relative supports

Complete range of flat elliptical suction cups, normally used for gripping, handling and clamping cardboard cases and boxes, wood shingles, small ceramic or brick tiles, iron or stainless steel profiles, sheets and anything else present on long, narrow gripping surfaces.

Instead, bellow elliptical suction cups, in addition to having the same function as the flat cups described above, are able to adapt to the gripping plane, even if not perfectly perpendicular to the axis of the suction cup, and can recover evident unevenness of the loads to be lifted.

They are normally available in three standard compounds but can also be supplied in special compounds, upon request and for minimum quantities to be specified upon ordering.

Both items can be supplied with or without automation fastening support. Upon request, special non-rotating suction cup holders on which to assemble them are able to prevent their rotation during use.

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Digital vacuum switches

Digital vacuum switches

Changes the shape of these digital vacuum switches with respect to those previously described, from cylindrical to parallelepiped. However, the container in which they are enclosed remains in ABS and is also especially compact and extremely light to allow for its installation on board automatisms and near use.

These carefully calibrated devices are able to provide very accurate measurement values. The detected values are shown on the display, making it unnecessary to use a vacuum gauge.

The panel includes two LED indicators, one green and one red, which indicate the switching status of the two digital output signals. The switching outputs are completely independent. The switching points within the scale values, including hysteresis from 0 to 100% of the set value, are easily programmable via the buttons located on the control panel.

Other additional values can be programmed, such as comparisons between values, NO and NC contacts, the choice of the units of measure, the blocking of functions and programmed values, etc.

The vacuum connection can be made by means of a G 1/8” male or M5 female double threading connection. Electrical connection for art. 12 30 10 is pushin with a M8-4 pin threaded jack. A connection cable can be provided in PUR upon request with corresponding axial or radial connector. Instead, art. 12 30 10 A already has an integrated PUR, 2-metre long connection cable. The adjustment range of vacuum switch 12 30 10 is from 0 to -1 bar, with two digital PNP outputs that can be set by means of Teach-in. The adjustment range of art. 12 30 10 A, while it is also between 0 and -1 bar, can instead be interfaced with external logics via a 1 to 5 volt analogue output and two digital PNP outputs.

This series of digital vacuum switches is suitable for measuring and control of dry air and non-corrosive gases. These are recommended in all cases where maximum and minimum value signalling is required, set for safety reasons, in order to start a work cycle, to control suction cup gripping, and so on. In addition, with the hysteresis function, it is possible to manage the compressed air supply to the vacuum generators, allowing for considerable energy savings.

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Rotary vane vacuum pumps, RVP series

Rotary vane vacuum pumps, RVP series

The pumps in this new series are single-stage, rotary vane and with oil-bath lubrication with recycling.
The implementation of cutting edge construction techniques and the use of hi-tech, latest generation materials has allowed for the achievement of high standards of quality, performance, duration and low cost of use.
The resulting technical features include:

- High pumping speed in the field of absolute pressure between 850 and 0.5 mbar
- Extremely low noise output- Low operating temperatures
- No pollution
- Low maintenance

Pumps are driven by an electric motor, coupled by means of an elastic transmission joint (not including mod. RVP 15 ), in compliance with IEC International Standard 60034 requirements for rotating machines and European Directives for Low Voltage (LV) 2006/95/EC, for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) 2004/108/EC, for the limitation of use of hazardous substances RoHS 2002/95/CE and Machine Directive 2006/42/EC for CE marking.

The Performance Class for electric motors corresponds to IE2=High Efficiency, with Degree of Protection IP 55, Rated Voltage Tolerance ± 5% and Class of Insulation F.
A centrifuge fan fitted on the pump shaft ensures a suitable air flow for optimal pump body and radiator cooling (forced surface cooling).

A capacious oil recovery tank located on the pump outlet and equipped with microfibre deoiling cartridges has the function of smoke filtering system and silencer. A special built-in scavenge valve allows for the recovery of oil retained by cartridges.

The oil contained in the system lubricates, cools and seals rotating and fixed pump parts.
The check valve on the suction line is an integral part of the pump and is standard while a filter suitable for trapping any suctioned impurities can be supplied upon request.
All pumps except mod. RVP 15 and RVP 21 are supplied standard with a gas ballast valve, which permits high water vapour compatibility.

The above described product devices combined with strong, compact construction make RVP series vacuum pumps especially suitable for continuous and heavy-duty use.

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Single-stage and multi-function vacuum generators, MSVE series

Single-stage and multi-function vacuum generators, MSVE series

The vacuum generators of this new series can fully drive a negative pressure gripping system.

By means of coaxial shutters, the original compressed air supply system feeds large quantities of air to both the ejectors and the ejection system, thereby ensuring faster gripping and release of the load.

These vacuum generators are equipped with single-stage ejectors, are powered by low pressure (max. 4 bar), and feature an extremely high emptying speed in relation to their suction capacity. All this allows for increasingly faster high-performance work cycles.

Two micro solenoid valves manage the compressed air supply to the vacuum ejector and adjustable discharge blow off. The intensity and duration of the latter are managed through a screw-type flow regulator.

The check valve built into the suction connector maintains the vacuum in the event of a power outage. A digital vacuum switch, equipped with a display and commutation LED, manages the compressed air supply and provides a signal to start a cycle under safety conditions. An anodised aluminium distributor with vacuum connectors has an integrated suction filter that can be easily inspected.

By activating the compressed air power micro solenoid valve, the generator creates vacuum for use. As soon as the set maximum value is reached, the digital vacuum switch acts on the electric coil of the micro solenoid valve and stops the air supply, reactivating it when the vacuum falls below the minimum level.

Besides maintaining the vacuum level within set safety values (hysteresis), this modulation allows for considerable compressed air savings. A second signal from the vacuum switch (also adjustable and independent with respect to the first) can be used to start the cycle when the vacuum level reached is suitable for use.

Once the work cycle is completed, the micro solenoid valve that supplies compressed air to the generator is deactivated while, at the same time, the ejection solenoid valve is activated for quick restoration of the atmospheric pressure upon use.

The MSVE vacuum generators can be installed in any position and are suitable for suction gripping systems, handling metal sheets, glass, marble, ceramics, plastic, cardboard, wood, etc. and, in particular, for the industrial robotics sector, where equipment with excellent performance and limited weight and bulk are increasingly required.

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